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TESN Trade Services

Trade Fair assistance

TTS  Including trade fair information, research; Airport pick up services; Translation services; Trade fair logistics, Trade fair attendance assistance and etc.

Industry research services; different region industry analysis

• TESN Trade Services in China offers industry research and analysis data report at minimum costs
• TESN  Trade Services in China work closely with Trade Associations in China and Chambers of Commerce in order to build strong bilateral relationships in business and trade arreas.

International trade insurance program

• TESN Trade Services provide advises and assistance on all matters relating to air and sea freight deliveries from China as well as “Marine Insurance – Underwritten by Lloyds of London”  

   International trade payment program
• TESN Trade Services provide financial advice and assistance by helping the client to ship the goods
• TESN Trade Services offer suitable clients excellent credit terms
   International Trade/logistics advice program
• TESN Trade Services provide air and sea freight rates provided by TESN Air and Sea Freight Services

Business matching program – networking event and product show case; one to one business meeting arrangements

• TESN Trade Services network with the main industry bodies in each part of China to make China more accessible for overseas businesses who want to do business in China
• TESN Trade Services show case up and coming Chinese Companies who want to do business with Australia on the website.
• TESN would set up a Trade Desk at the Trade Shows in China to help potential clients find the right pathway if necessary.

Ultimate global sourcing system – on project basis

• TESN Trade Services would become the facilitator to bring the parties together through close interaction between the parties under request.
• TESN Trade Services focus on identifying the right business partner by looking for the right characteristics.

International Trade and logistics education program

TESN Trade Services are continuing exploring the opportunity of working with Australian University to find ways to improve education and training of staff in logistics areas with Universities in China.